Interior Design

Interior Design

As Ireland’s leading Interior Design Company we provide our clients with exquisite decor in their homes.

At Hamilton Interiors, we offer a complete turn-key interior design and furnishing service that takes away the stress of you choosing your design and home decor options alone.

Our top priority is providing an Interior Design Service that delivers projects within your time frame, budget and quality parameters whilst listening to your design tastes and preferences!

Let’s create your dream home together with our experienced and awesome team!


1. What skills are needed to be a successful interior designer?

A blend of creative and technical skills is essential to succeed as an interior designer. The joy of generating unique design concepts, a hallmark of creativity, is paramount. A strong sense of aesthetics ensures visually appealing spaces, adding to creative satisfaction. Practical communication skills are crucial for understanding and conveying client needs, collaborating with other professionals, and presenting design proposals. Spatial awareness helps in optimizing layouts and functionality within a space, while problem-solving abilities enable designers to address challenges like budget constraints and space limitations. Attention to detail ensures every aspect of the design is meticulously planned, and knowledge of materials and products allows for informed choices in design elements, further enhancing the creative process.

2. What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers are responsible for transforming interior spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. Their tasks include client consultations, a crucial step that values the client’s preferences and requirements, space planning to optimise layouts and flow; concept development through mood boards and renderings; material and colour selection to achieve desired aesthetics, furniture and accessory curation, collaboration with architects and contractors, project management to ensure timely and budget-friendly execution, and client presentations to showcase design proposals and incorporate feedback, emphasizing the integral role of the client in the design process.

3. What is the biggest problem in interior design?

One of the major challenges in interior design is balancing client expectations with budget limitations. Designers often encounter the challenge of creating high-quality designs that not only meet client desires but also exceed them, all while staying within budget constraints. This involves careful consideration of material choices, labour costs, and project scope. The satisfaction of successfully negotiating between cost-effective solutions and maintaining design integrity is a testament to the creative problem-solving and effective communication skills of interior designers.

4. What are the seven elements of interior design?

The seven fundamental elements of interior design are:

  1. Space: The foundation within which all design elements exist.
  2. Line: Horizontal, vertical, or dynamic lines that guide the eye and create visual interest.
  3. Form: The shape and structure of objects within a space.
  4. Light: Illumination that enhances mood, functionality, and visual appeal.
  5. Color: Influences emotions, perceptions, and spatial perception.
  6. Texture: Adds tactile and visual interest to surfaces.
  7. Pattern: Introduces rhythm and movement by repeating shapes or designs.
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"We are absolutely thrilled with everything Hamilton Interiors provided!"
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Working with Anne Marie and Clodadh was a pleasure! We chose our sofa prior to hiring them (a dark green), and presented them with a few other challenges (needing more storage space, a better space for the TV, an improved fireplace). They handled all of these issues with ease (or at least it seemed that way to us). The wall colours, draperies, storage, fireplace, master bedroom, living room, guest bedroom, and oh my, the beautiful kitchen—all surpassed our expectations. When visitors enter our newly designed home, they say, “Wow!” All of them feel the peaceful atmosphere…and some even lust after our pillows, which are luxurious, fluffy, and perfectly cushy. Thank you for taking time and paying such close attention to the quality and pattern of our throw pillows, Clodadgh! We are absolutely thrilled with everything Hamilton Interiors provided! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
"Cannot recommend Hamilton Interiors enough"
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Cannot recommend Hamilton Interiors enough. Their team were great to work with and helped us through decorating our new home. All trades people working with them were also professional and friendly. It was a great experience.
"Working with Hamilton Interiors has been a very positive experience."
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Working with Anne Marie Hamill, from Hamilton Interiors, on designing the interior of my house has been a very positive experience. She has helped me to make informed choices that are within my budget and see how small, affordable changes can make a world of difference to the overall look. Zoom meetings are a very practical and productive way to talk through her ideas as she has already compiled notes & several suggestions from photos of the rooms. By her suggesting shelving/panelling designs, colours, soft furnishings, it brings a unity to the overall look and eliminates the possibility of making expensive design mistakes. Anne Marie has listened to what styles I like, my budget and what I need from each room. I can now go to trades people with clear, specific ideas, comfortable in the knowledge that I am making the best choices and the style reflects my taste and the home I want to live in. This experience has given me the confidence to have a beautiful home without the stress of making big, expensive decisions on my own, and allowed me to see the potential of each room through her eyes.

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